A young druid from the bitterly cold Land of the Linorm Kings. Asvar was a reluctant minor crewman on a raiding ship that foundered and sank off the coast of Sandpoint while attempting to sail through the Varisian bay at night, in order to raid the lightly defended communities lying outside of Magnimar. While navigating a tricky bit of sea around the Windsong Abbey peninsula, a freak storm came up and smashed the ship into the rocks.

Asvar managed to summon a dolphin and have it call to a pod of local dolphins. Once they arrived, Asvar was able to convince them to ferry him close enough to shore for him to be able to swim to safety. Coming from a brutal land of bitter cold that could not even support its own inhabitants, the young Druid was amazed by the verdant landscape of Varisia and resolved to make his fortune here before returning to his frosty homeland.


Pathfinder ROR Truwar