Sawmill hijinks

Adventure Log

Aldren Foxglove

Early one morning the party was contacted by Sheriff Hemlock. It seems a murder had been committed at the local sawmill. One of the victims was the young daughter of a local shop keeper that had been thrown onto the mill’s massive saw-blade. The other was the sawmill operator who had been hung from the wall by meat hooks and mutilated. His lower jaw had been removed and there was a seven-pointed star carved into his chest.

The star was similar to the one on the Siherdon Amulet the party had taken from the defeated Nualia. The symbol represented the “Seven Virtues” of the ancient Thorassian (sp?) empire that had dominated the Varisian continent tens of thousands of years ago. According to the local expert, as the Thorassian culture declined into decadence the Seven Virtues came to more closely resemble the Seven Deadly Sins.

Upon closer examination by Velanovia, the sawmill operator has several claw marks that were filled with decaying flesh. A bloody axe buried in the floor also had decaying flesh on its blade as well. Judging by the tracks and circumstances in the room, Asvar concluded that the young woman had hit the killer in the back with the axe. The attacker then hit the young woman and knocked her onto the saw blade. Judging by the advanced state of decay of the flesh on the blade and in the operator’s wounds, the killer appeared to be undead.

Asvar then went out to the pier that was connected to the sawmill and was able to determine that the undead attacker crawled from the water onto the pier, then scaled the side of the sawmill and entered an upper window. This seemed to indicate the attacker was one of the more spry types of undead.

There was also a parchment written in blood and addressed to Skoren found at the scene of the crime stating something along the lines of “I do as you wish me to” and singed “Your Lordship”.

Upon returning to report their findings to Sheriff Hemlock, he informed the party that this was the second of such murders committed. The first murder was of three local con-men. They had been lured to a barn with a letter signed by “Your Lordship” and murdered in a similar manner. They found a local thug near the scene of the crime, covered in blood and ranting. He was sent to a local sanitarium.

The party decided to interview the thug. Upon seeing in him in his cell Velanovia concluded that he was suffering from the advanced stages of Ghoul Fever a disease spread by ghouls that ended with the victim becoming a ghoul.

Upon being questioned about his attacker the madman informed Skoren that he had a message for him, saying that his lordship had his throne ready for him at “The Misgivings”. He then went rigid and his eyes began to glow. He then burst out of his strait-jacket and charged Skoren. Unfortunately, for him, Velanovia’s glaive intervened, neatly slicing the fresh ghoul into pieces.

Skoren and Asvar both recognized “The Misgivings” as the colloquial name of the abandoned Foxglove Manor. They also recalled coming to Aldren Foxglove’s aid when goblins initially attacked Sandpoint. Upon further investigation the party discovered that he had been attempting to renovate the manor but had been having trouble finding local help.

Adventure Log

Sawmill hijinks

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